Our First Century 1916 - 2016

100 years Anniversary Greeting

The Apostolic Church Australia is almost 90 years old. The church in Australia began when young men and women responded to the call of God to ‘belt the globe’ with Good News.

The church in this nation commenced on the back of evangelistic rallies around the nation. There were miraculous healings, crowds filling public halls and many people made decisions to follow Jesus Christ. Men were called into ministry through prophetic declarations, churches were planted in obedience to Holy Spirit promptings and the nation was touched by these efforts.

The Apostolic Church, in Australia and indeed around the world, grew through faithful obedience to the gospel because men and women heard the call, paid a significant price and went to foreign lands. They were people who were moved with passion, acted with courage and served with faith.

We celebrate 100 years of the Apostolic Church and recognise in particular the people who brought it into being. We honour the sacrifice, generosity and pioneering spirit of our founders and the contribution of each generation since. We commend their efforts today. Our desire is to follow in their footsteps. We want to be a ground breaking, globe shaking movement, a team of people who take seriously the great commission and extend the kingdom of God, for his glory.

Congratulations on all your efforts to celebrate this significant anniversary.

God Bless,

Wayne Swift

National Leader Apostolic Church Australia