Our First Century 1916 - 2016


The late Pastor Stephen Bowen was saved during the 1904 Welsh revival and at the time was attending the Independent Chapel in Llandybie.

He took a very active part in the Welsh Chapels but became disenchanted with the lack of the Holy Spirit ministry. So he started to hold services in his own home, along with his brother Thomas and his sister Rachel, her husband Morgan Jenkins and his other sister Anne.

Eventually these services were held alternatively in the homes of Thomas and Rachel aswell as his own In the village of Penygroes, about 3 miles from Llandybie, The Apostolic Church held its annual conventions and so Stephen and the other members decided to come under the banner of The Apostolic Church.

As time progressed, the number of people attending the services was increasing and it soon became obvious that they needed a bigger place of worship. Plans were formulated to build a new church and to call it 'Ebenezer'. It is unclear how long it took to build the church building but it was opened in 1922.

The Bowen family were in the building trade and it was Stephen Bowen who built the church, helped by Timothy Williams, the local Ironmonger, who also attended the church along with his family, Thomas his brother, and Morgan Jenkins, his brother-in-law.

It was believed that they helped finance the build aswell as the giving of the congregation who attended the church. When the building was finished and opened, Stephen Bowen became its first Pastor. He went on to build other Apostolic Churches in Cwmdu, Bethlehem, Cross Hands, Tumble, Dafen, Llwynhendy and after moving in 1926-27 to Burnt Oak, Edgware, built the church there and became its pastor.

Since then the church in Llandybie has carried on in its mission to preach the gospel.