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Songs & Poems from the first Century

Our First Century 1916 - 2016

Our First Century 1916 - 2016


Gethsemane, Gethsemane,
What mystery thou didst see,
When Jesus sought thy olive grove,
To pray on bended knee.

The time was night, the darkest night
Since life on earth began;
The hosts of hell were gathered there
Against one lonely Man.

Alone He knelt, alone He prayed,
And wrestled with hell’s power;
Alone in sweat and agony
No one could share that hour.

And in His hand there was a cup,
And in that cup a draught;
The loathsome sins of all mankind
A wine of hellish craft.

No mind can solve the mystery of
The contents of that cup;
No man could share its bitter dregs,
Or bear its burden up.

O Saviour dear, my sins were there,
My hope is in that cup;
Thou drainedst bitter dregs for me,
That I with Thee might sup:-

That I another cup may quaff,
As sung by Hebrew bard,
I’ll “take the cup of salvation
And call upon the Lord.”

And may Thy Spirit dwell in me,
O Christ, the Holy One,
And lead me in the darkest hour
To pray “Thy will be done!”

F.W. Nash

Renata, B.C.,

Canada May 1933